This is the homepage of mod_mylog. It is NOT the same as Michael Link`s mod_mylog you can find in the apache module registry at http://modules.apache.org. This is something else, it works different, and NOT ONLY with MySQL. So, it would be better naming this project mod_dblog, or mod_anylog basing on the apache module naming conventions.
To tell the trouth with MySQL it is quite unstable and there are lots of misfunctionalities, you can use it with Postgres, and _any_ other database is planned.
In the near future it will be extended to store more informations about HTTP requests.
What does this module do?
It transfers the log of the apache into a relational database, such as PostgreSQL. As I told MySQL client is possible but it has several problems with performance, chaching, and stability. The goals of the project: multiple databases supported, configurable, extensible.

database design in ascii format (best viewed with lynx)
module design
An example httpd.conf fragment, with a few comment and lots of plans
The module connection interface with comments

We need developers.
If you do not have time to help us, but find the project interresting, please read our design documentation, and post your ideas, opinion to the mailing list
Laszlo Hornyak (hornyakl) at sourceforge.net