What does this module do?
It transfers the log of the apache into a relational database, such as PostgreSQL. As I told MySQL client is possible but it has several problems with performance, chaching, and stability. The goals of the project: multiple databases supported, configurable, extensible.
Why not autoconf and automake
Cos I am learning it just now :)
Why should I use your module?
I don`t know. You can use it if you want. For example:
How can I create reports from the database?
I didn`t implement functionality for this. You can use a PHP script or the command line database client or the Postgres JDBC interface + Openoffice to see everything in a nice ljuser-friendly interface.
How stable is it?
Currently it is alpha, so I woludn`t use it in any outer site, but should work safely in your intranet.
How does mod_mylog support multiple RDMBS?
Mod_mylog has several (at the moment only one and some test module) submodules loaded with the LoadLogModule configuration directive (see our little httpd.conf fragment).
This modules handle request loging, the central module only manages these submodules (and gives standard interface for them).
Why is that modularity good?
Now mod_mylog is geting a very flexible loging tool, so it is able to fit the extreme needs (or stupidity) of your customers and your management ;)
Are there other log tools, what about these modules?
Yes there are lots, try them. There are good modules too, currently they are more stable :(
Laszlo Hornyak (hornyakl) at sourceforge.net